The Creature Department

  • Gugor
    "When in doubt, crumple something."

    Type of Creature: Knucklecrumpler
    Latest Invention: The Teleportation Device
    Distinctive features: Enormous hands, multi-colored dreadlocks, a vacant expression
    Favorite Outfit: Furry battle vest, tartan loin cloth
    Favorite Food: Knuckle sandwich

  • Harrumphrey Grouseman
    "I'm the professor's right-hand head."

    Type of creature: Hufflehead
    Latest Invention: Cerebellows
    Distinctive features: Enormous cranium, dextrous tail
    Favorite Outfit: Beard
    Favorite Food: Bitter almonds

  • Jean-Remy Chevalier
    "Do not worry, I inherited only my father's impeccable dress-sense and none of his unfortunate bloodlust."

    Type of Creature: Fairy-bat
    Latest invention: Telepathic Helmet
    Distinctive features: Fangs, sickly-pale skin, luminescent wings
    Favorite outfit: Bespoke tuxedo
    Favorite Food: Famous Freddy Fang's world famous pork dumplings

  • Colonel-Admiral Reginald T. Pusslegut
    "I'll have you know I once brought peace singlehanded to the vast snowy wastes of Antarctica!"

    Type of Creature: Bombastadon
    Latest invention: A decent pair of galoshes
    Distinctive features: Blubbery jowls, tusks, defensive paunch
    Favorite outfit: Full regimental garb of the Her Majesty's Royal Antarctic Brigadiers
    Favorite food: Pickled herring biscuits (chocolate coated)

Gugor being interviewed at Comic Con